What Vallum Read this Week 17th October 2020

17th October 2020 | Vallum Capital 

Our Brain is fountain of our knowledge. Understanding how brain smells. 

The Nobel prize of economics has helped in reshaping $120 bn auction of Airwaves. 

Must Read : Excel sheet errors are costing million USD to businesses. 

The slug fest to gain edge in Africa ; After China, Russia puts in its hat. 

The relentless pursuit of parenting and its stress.

What Vallum Read this Week 10th October 2020

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10th October 2020 | Vallum Capital 

Inflation is going to change the dynamics of the world.

The real value of Airlines is in its frequent flyer program not in

Is the COVID a planned an accident but was planned with a purpose?

Must Read : The debate between Darwin and Newton and how evolutionary biology of being eaten alive shapes our evolution and ecosystem.

Understanding Hydrogen, the new fuel world is talking

What Vallum Read this Week 3rd October 2020

3rd October 2020 | Vallum Capital 

The dark side of smart is that whenever we do good works, and cooperate, we draw from our manipulative past. The even darker side of smart is that competition doesn’t just select an ability to manipulate but also an adaptive ability to be unpredictable. 

Handwriting is a dying art. Science behind how cursive Handwriting helps in improving our Brain.

Bangladesh is also ahead of India in the human or social development indicators of infant mortality rate and life expectancy at birth. A newborn in Bangladesh is more likely to see her fifth birthday than her Indian or Pakistani counterpart. She is also likely to live longer in Bangladesh (72.5 years) than India (68.6 years) and Pakistan (66.5 years).

Must Read : Today leader, student and Entrepreneur needs distinctive knowledge to navigate thru the complex world.

Is inflation coming back : Most of us are Unprepared after Two decades of deflation due to globalization. 

What Vallum Read this Week 26thth September 2020

26th Sept 2020 | Vallum Capital 

Understanding: Equities are correlated with Demographics of the Country ; Winners and Loser countries in this theme.

Is Buffet diversifying out of the US in quest of decline in the US dollar. His action suggests so.

Learnings on Business, Marketing, Advertising from Roy Sutherland 

Things we learn from people smarter than us. 

Hedging Tail Risk in Investing business; one need to go against Modern Portfolio Theory. Story of Losses at CALPERS

What Vallum Read this Week 19th September 2020

19th Sept 2020 | Vallum Capital

Is perfection is an enemy to Progress ?

The Role of Intangible in the global economy and how to evaluate them.

 As Active Funds underperforms Benchmark; the Paradox of Skill adds to Active Management Woes.

As the US dollar is witnessing secular decline, the age of disorder and chaos will favour commodities over stock and bonds.

(Must Read) : Meet the James Bond of Philanthropy who has given $8 bn during his life time.

What Vallum Read this Week 12th September 2020

12th Sept 2020 | Vallum Capital 

Inflation is closer than we think : Readying for its consequences 

8000 Days Rule; Post Retirement life and how to progress on a peaceful journey 

How and Why Soft bank is writing Whale Options to shore up profit.  

The Tech Investing is witnessing a Bubble ; Are you safe ?

A practical Wisdome on Dealing with Uncertainity with Serenity !

What Vallum Read this Week 5th September 2020

A curious take on one of the historic moment; Peace deal between Israel and UAE and its implication.

This history of Modern conquest tells us about India and China border crises, today.

The brain has a problem in processing too much information and many times leading to wrong decision making.  

How to save like a Pessimist and Invest like an optimist in life and business.

Decoding Future of Globalization : When Firms go local to stay global.

What Vallum Read this Week 29th August 2020

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“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” – Charles Darwin
29th August 2020 | Vallum Capital 

Corporates and Money Manager should aspire to get Quality Shareholders ; This has huge positive impact on operations of the companies. 

In era of Virtual Annual General Meetings, shareholders are feeling muted. 

Managing online Data Trust of an individual is turning out to be one of the hottest start up business in legal profession. 

Today’s economic landscape is offering; once a generational opportunities in investing in commodities. 

Must Read : China and Russia enters into Financial Alliance to trade in Yuan. Is this death knell of USD. Is India listening or in hoard to accumulate USD.

What Vallum Read this Week 22nd August 2020

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22nd August 2020 | Vallum Capital 

Innovation spurs in down turn and the world history suggest so.

In era of High Frequency Trade and short attention span, more frauds are happening in the corporate world. 

The golden age of Rome Ended due to departure from Meritocracy.

Must Read : The world of strange and spurious correlations .

What is the relationship between animals and humans? We are schooled to believe that God made animals for human pleasure and the ritual sacrifice of animals serves as confirmation. 


What Vallum Read this Week 15th August 2020


“The human voice can never reach the distance that is covered by the still small voice of conscience.” Mahatma Gandhi

15th August 2020 | Vallum Capital

Word of wisdom: One should stay away from popular tech stocks.

Can have a prosperity without growth? For this Western countries to shift their economies from mass-market production to local services—such as nursing, teaching, and handicrafts—that could be less resource-intensive.

Good News for global carbon foot print: Meat consumption is declining for the second year in a row. 

Honing up skills that are permanent in nature while others expires.

 Inflation is coming in the global markets and market is not ready for this.