What Vallum read this week : 7th Dec 2019

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(Must Read) Obsession defines Geniuss: Why people collect Bus Tickets 

(Must Read) Germany is the Rotten heart of Europe: Payback time for them. 

Biophilic design, inspired by nature makes us happy 

Beware of Foot notes in Earnings, across the globe, not just in India 

The great Story of Credit card boom in India coming to your door step. 

What Vallum read this week : 30th Nov 2019

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Latest Study on stripes of Zebra throws up interesting insights. 

The choice of underwear can determine you, sperm counts 

Education is not teaching critical thinking: Can the study of philosophy do. 

We need 5 hr per week of learning to retool ourselves  

This next generation of companies will be built by a new generation of founders who are multidisciplinary, with deep expertise in their domains.

What Vallum read this week : 23rd Nov 2019

Manish Bhandari | 23rd Nov 2019

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Why we need Super Hero: Everyone needs a Role Model and Superheroes have moral which are important to us 

Do Economic History have common Plots: Yes 

Interesting take on Saudi Aramco IPO : Is Goldman Insane on valuation 

Must Read Interview:  Peter Bernstein a long chat with Jason Zweig

Scientific Periodicals are turning to the conscience of other disciples 

What Vallum read this week : 16th Nov 2019

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Manish Bhandari | 16th Nov 2019

Value Investing Sucks? Yes for the last 12 years, how things are changing. 

China is going to rule the Web: The coming Tsunami of the Chinese ecosystem on the Internet, displacing the US, one.

Must Read : The booming Coffee shop culture in South Korea

The debacle of WeWork is felt across the world. The Indian ecosystem will not be immune !. 

If you are searching for the reason behind the increase in the price of Bitcoin: It’s geopolitical and going to stay up for long.

What Vallum read this week : 9th Nov 2019

Manish Bhandari | 9th Nov 2019

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Must Read : Swarm Intelligence : Understanding Animal Behaviour and what humans can learn from this.

How Air fighters take split-second decisions: They use OODA system

Making one of the greatest investors in the world: James Simon

Diamond is losing value: It’s official: De Beers cut prices 

Problem with Capitalism  – Shareholders or Stakeholders: The debate is widespread and the US Election may have an answer 

Past is not Prologue to Future : Notes for Value Investors 

What Vallum read this week : 2nd Nov 2019

Manish Bhandari | 2nd Nov 2019

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Must Read for investing in various asset class: Global Bond Market is the biggest bubble of our lifetime by Louis Gave 

Economics of plant-based Meat and its rising popularity.

Our Genes can be programmed to inherit Knowledge from one generation to another

Waves of software and communications technology are going to fuel productivity gains in era of Low-interest rate 

Blue Print of  Prosperous and Sustainable Future by Advisors Prespective

What Vallum read this week : 25th October 2019

Manish Bhandari | 25th Oct 2019

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Must Read: Why Facts don’t change our mind

Economic growth has overshadowed governance in China, why the Chinese don’t hate their government. 

Revisiting: Bubbles in the economic history of the world : From Railways to Unicorn: Is Large-cap India stock a bubble 

Index funds are gaining momentum and dominant across the world by not challenging the governance of the companies.