What Vallum read this week : 12th October 2019

Manish Bhandari | 12th Oct 2019

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Must Read : Jury is Out, US is a loser in Trade War ; India may not gain  

It takes 21 ltr to produce a bar of chocolate. Explaining how Water-wise is our diet 

How Rich is investing to make a positive contribution in the world 

Preliminary Scientific Discovery suggests Death is Reversible 

Cloning of Pet is becoming a big business in China 

An Interesting Example of Artificial Intelligence in the learning of language


What Vallum read this week : 5th October 2019

Manish Bhandari | 05th October 2019

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Confused: Is there LNG Glut or Shortage in the world and its implication 

Value investing is seriously challenged for more than one decade. Has the time come for the performance of Value 

Biggest Theft in the history of the world – Britain stole $45 trn USD. 

Must Read : Mongols Built an empire with one technological Breakthrough 

Three Big forces shaping the world  

What Vallum read this week : 28th Sept 2019

Manish Bhandari | 28th Sept 2019

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The Illusion of American dream and reality of European happiness has lessons for all.

There is no way by which world will be able to recycle its way out of the plastic waste problem. Is banning single use plastic a revolutionary step?

Question: What explains higher profitability for US corporations and lower for others in the world? Answer: Less competition and increased concentration of market power

Having a serious thought: Is democracy an experiment which can be reversed?

Stock ownership conundrum: To many Long term investing was measured not in years but hours.

Overcoming the Hype: Knowing the limitations of Big data in predicting human behavior.

What Vallum read this week : 21st Sept 2019

Manish Bhandari | 21st Sept 2019

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Must Read : Vallum Team Debates will Tax cuts spur Growth Rate and its implication for the stock market. 
Parents have huge role to play in our love for reading books  
The world wants to own a piece of Greenland  : Why ? 
Dating apps are exploiting our loneliness
The story of Human Failure and misalignment of incentives to serve business interest.

What Vallum read this week : 13th Sept 2019

Manish Bhandari | 13th Sept 2019

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Must Read : Lightning has struck 6 Lakh times in Orissa but UP has more casualty. 

Have you wondered why everyone is Immigrating to Canada: Here lies an answer 
Are quality stocks over-crowded : A strange thing has happened in the world in the last few days. 
Dissection of a Rainbow by a Mathematician 
Concentration of capital has happened in the US Dollar over last seven years. Is trend going to reverse (My latest presentation at Hindustan Times Annual Meet )