What Vallum Read this Week | 15th May 2021

15th May 2021 | Vallum Capital

The genetic trick of living longest lived animals in the world 

Knowing the power of Intuition ; when and why to use ?

Must Read : Lesson of life in raising successful kids. 

The most powerful country; the US slips on life expectancy in comparison to other developed countries. 

Must Read : Strange patterns of Life; Fibonacci series guides beautiful things in life. 

What Vallum Read this Week | 8th May 2021

8th May 2021 | Vallum Capital

Are you perplexed why steel prices are going up ; Answer lies in fight between China and Australia. 

People are happiest in their life at Age of – Guess ?

Must Read : A practical guide to why the best things in life are all backwards

COVID 2nd wave Impact :: Fleeing of HNI and now likely ; Middle class from India. 

The battle of semiconductobetween China and the US. 

What Vallum Read this Week | 1st May 2021

1st May 2021 | Vallum Capital

Revisiting OODA Loop in the decision making: How fighter plane pilots make decisions. 

What other cultures can teach us about forgiveness 

A practical guide to impossible conversation and how to break it.

Why Smart people make bad decision and why it is hard to learn from our mistakes.

Must See: How COVID vaccine are made !

What Vallum Read this Week | 24th April 2021

24th April 2021 | Vallum Capital

Is NFT a new tulip mania in this world ?

Why getting to less means thinking more in life. 

How technology has revolutionizing the wildlife photography. 

The importance of Useless Knowledge in business some day some time.

Must Read : A decade of Investing Journey ; 2021 Stakeholder letter of Vallum Capital 

What Vallum Read this Week | 17th April 2021

17th April 2021 | Vallum Capital

Human brain need constant feedback for change. Understanding the Feedback theory.  

The real business model of Dating Apps; You will be surprise to read how profitable they are. 

The History and real story behind of the most symbol in the world : Swastika 

Understanding the power of Geothermal Energy; solution to the global warming and experience of Kenya in harnessing it. 

The mystery of Foreign Accent syndrome 

What Vallum Read this Week | 10th April 2021

10th April 2021 | Vallum Capital

The Paradox of Consensus: Under ancient Jewish law, if a suspect was found guilty by every judge, they were deemed innocent. Too much agreement implied a systemic error in the judicial process. Beware: unanimous agreement often leads to bad decisions. 

Forbes says that India’s Unicorn party is just getting started in India. 

Why we believe in photography 

Challenging Modern Retail Trade is not easy. ShopKirana has proved its metal. 

Why slow & steady is the best way to grow in life. The quicker something gets built, the more quickly it can get destroyed. “No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” ― Warren Buffett.

What Vallum Read this Week | 3rd April 2021

3rd April 2021 | Vallum Capital

neuroscientist view on why we forget most things in life. 

Lesson from Japan on coping up with Inflation and low rates.

As Indian is expanding PLI program in semiconductor but does India have a chance. 

The biggest lesson for this Year 2021

Free trading is an opium: One of the finest interviews on the markets. 

What Vallum Read this Week | 27th March 2021

27th March 2021 | Vallum Capital
“Mirror is my best friend because when I cry it never laughs ” Charlie Chaplin

Are you careful while applying comma; If not, it may cost you a fortune. 

Story of one of the best wine seller in the world

Risk and Stress produces chemicals which alters our biology. 

Must Read One of the most sought after Question in the world ; Is consciousness everywhere and in every part of the planet ? 

How an international chess player drew lessons from playing and built a world class Tech company. 

Experts are suggesting that a new commodity super cycle is beginning. Are we ready ?

What Vallum Read this Week | 20th March 2021

20th March 2021 | Vallum Capital

How Americans are responding to Stimulus Checks : Buying Bit coins ? 

As a tangible symbol of a nation’s identity, banknotes are a window into history—from South Africa’s reckoning with apartheid to the challenges of building a unified country after Bosnia’s civil war.

Understanding the complex world of global supply chain financing and why GreenSill Capital (SoftBank Investee company) has witnessed bankruptcy 

As bond yields are rising a new game plan is needed in the Investing world. 

The mother of all disruption in college Degree Education is knocking our door. Entry of Google in Higher Education.  

What Vallum Read this Week | 13th March 2021

13th March 2021 | Vallum Capital

Investing in the greatest show on earth but we can only be a good investor if we can draw parallel from other disciplines.

Green Hydrogen is going to be the most power and disruption technology helping in bringing positive in environmental pollution.

Advice of an Economist to all aspiring Economist on why they should looking for other discipline rather economics to study.

The world is changing very fast and can we cope up with speed of change ; Google director of Engineering is presenting some hard hitting facts on this issue.

Must Read : The Breakthrough technologies of Year 2021