Interesting Read : What I learned this week 15th July 2017


What I Learned This Week

Manish Bhandari | 15th July 2017

Very interesting read, what successful people do. 

Paradox of forward guidance

Maslow need revisited, an interesting prespective  

The last word on understanding blockchain technology 

Why mosquito would bite me and not you

Welcome to Platform economy of the world and how it is creating value


Interesting Read : What I Learned This Week 1st July 2017

unnamedWhat I Learned This Week

Manish Bhandari | 1st July 2017

General Question on why do college gives Honorary degrees 
How individual investors have an edge v/s professional money managers 
Very interesting take on Global Interest Rate cycle reversal and its impact on Bond Markets 
Have humility and humbleness when you rise up in professional career 
Why Taxi cabs are Yellow; here is an answer 
Coming Soon: Paper made of Stone; not woods and water


Interesting Read : What I Learned This Week 24th June 2017


What I Learned This Week

Manish Bhandari | 24th June 2017

The Paradox of American Restaurants: Why aren’t they doing better financially?

How backup plans can harm goal pursuit: 
The unexpected downside of being prepared for failure

Can we avoid Death: Silicon Valley thinks so

Must Read: The promise of global currency by China is fading

Einstein’s brain was stolen ? Yes 

4 reasons which makes Michael Lewis a successful author

Interesting Read : What I learned this week 17th June 2017


What I Learned This Week

Manish Bhandari | 17th June 2017

Why climbing the Last rung of Maslows Hierarchy is difficult for all of us 

Product Managers in a firms need to work like Soldiers or Chefs 

China is swamping global biotech Industry and we are struggling with correct GDP no.  

One area where India is progressing in on Space Research 

Investing : Welcoming Asset Manager who has built fortune of his clients by being contrarian

Should one be paranoid about sugar ? No, research says so 

Interesting Read: What I learned this Week 10th June 2017


What I Learned This Week

Manish Bhandari | 10th June 2017

This idea is far better than any other idea to reduce global pollution 

Its unfashionable to discuss mistakes made by Mahatma Gandhi 

Quest of Natural Viagra by Chinese 

I have experienced this : positive power of people around us 

This article has quite relevance in Indian Context: Cost of building Infrastructure 

Retake on History of Qatar’s relationship with Gulf Nations 

Very interesting take on life; lets learn from Obituaries 


Interesting Read : What i learned this week 3rd June 2017

What I Learned This Week

Manish Bhandari | 3rd June 2017

Content of Knowledge matters much ; how to distinguish between long term trend and news 

Interesting read on Key upcoming global trend and how to profit from this 

Decoding Uber and its value 

You need to subscribe to a philosophy : Is Stoicism one for You ?

Must read interview on speed should matter less 

A detail analysis on why humans are herbivores 

Water Table is declining but its Oil and Gas is consuming more