What Vallum Read this Week | 28th May 2022

“If you want your children to be intelligent read them fairy tales if you want them to be genius read them more fairly tale” Einstein

Why novice succeed and experts fail in some cases: Trying too hard

How we react to Paper v/s digital request.     

How do insect thinks clearly from their small head.          

The seedy side of match making algorithm.       

Must Read: Why we are missing a fine sense of humor.           

What Vallum Read this Week | 14th May 2022

To go fast, go alone, to go far, go together.” chinese proverb

Free stuff everywhere makes us Irrational in our choices.   

How Mentally strong people play their game better than others.  

India is getting ready to preserve its history from Museums.     

NSE had illustrious board of directors but still it fumbled !    

Must Read : True Word to Wisdom . 

What Vallum Read this Week | 8th May 2022

“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why ”

                                                                                                           Bernad Baruch

Harsh truth of our lives, its later than we think; Visit you parents more often.

We should reward problem preventer not just solvers.   

Digital currencies are going to change the monetary order of the world field.        

Advise by 70 yr old, on how to live a meaningful and an examined life.  

Must Read : Interview of Warren Buffet on his life, readings and friends  

What Vallum Read this Week | 30th April 2022

“Quarrals would not last long if the fault were only one one side” Francois Duc de Le Rochefoucauld

The story of Migration of Birds and mystery behind it.   

What Best Presenters do differently to gain audience?   

Selling is far more important than buying at the campus field.       

Must Read: Stakeholder letter for Vallum GARP Strategy. 

The Darwinian Science behind Burnout Generation.