What Vallum Read this Week | 23rd Jan 2021

23rd Jan 2021 | Vallum Capital 

How Hot cheetos were discovered by small power of observation by a janito. 

The big economic trends of 2021 by Ruchir Sharma

A simple economics explains why innovation is driven by immigrants 

Hydrogen is going to be one of most important investment theme in the Energy space. Must Read : The mind expanding power of complementarity; How and why to understand other person point of view.

What Vallum Read this Week | 9th Jan 2021

9th Jan 2021 | Vallum Capital 

Why paying gratitude is very important in life 

The lure of dream surrounding lottery ticket is worth for poor to lose their last dime 

Online education is reshaping the traditional model.

Inspiring story of a women’s sole fight to bring justice for crime in Mexico 

Must Read : Few people take lesson from failure to their heart; chart winning course thereafter. 

What Vallum Read this Week | 2nd Jan 2021

2nd Jan 2021 | Vallum Capital 

Real truth of Electric Vehicleare they really carbon free. No. 

Why birds don’t fell off the branches while sleeping. They balance their brain and eyes. 

What is the next big idea after Cell phone. The underlying technology of Machine Learning has an answer. 

Must Read : Flight of Indian Judicialsystem to Singapore. 

What India is eating, from eyes ofZomato Data base. 

What Vallum Read this Week | 26th Dec 2020

26th Dec 2020 | Vallum Capital 

Best of What Vallum Read this week for Year 2020 ; Recollection

The character of the Individual is the character of the Nation. Why Japan is so successful at returning lost property. 

The law of Sexual selection, not Natural Selection explains Opulence in Nature and Society. This to me also explains why people buy SUVs when they can drive other smaller cars. 

Our Life if highly influenced by AstrologyWhy Astrology matters.

How Animal votes when they need to decide important Issues. 

Time has come for the World to take Vegetarianism seriously. 

What talking to ourselves means to Us ? Power of silence ! 

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Year 2021, ahead. 

What Vallum Read this Week | 19th Dec 2020

19th Dec 2020 | Vallum Capital 

Is PM WANI scheme going to change the internet landscape of India similar to mobile phone changing the telecom landscape ?

Friendships are the best Investment in life. Friendship that change the way google operates and dominates. 

Product name influences the way we think and spend our money 

Must Read :  RBI should not increase rate to crush inflation. Time to think about integrated monetary policy. 

China is Hungry and looking for the world to feed it. 

Recreating Paris in China.  

What Vallum Read this Week | 12th Dec 2020

12th Dec 2020 | Vallum Capital 

How all of us can be more productive by doing small enhancements in life. 

Our brain is the most adaptable organ in our body. Understand it can help in improving reflexes. 

Must Read :  Has the second cold war begun; Yes Last Yr and new president of the US is going to take it forward. 

Few things we are sure to know but unable to comprehend due to complexity 

A detail analysis of why renewable prices are going down and where it will end.

What Vallum Read this Week | 5th Dec 2020

5th Dec 2020 | Vallum Capital 

View of Einstein on intersection of Science and Religion 

Very soon India is going to create a new set of a billionaires; from a new set of a Industry. Learning from evolution of Global Industries.

Must Read :  Debate if plants have personalities and feelings too. 

Full account of Farm bill protest and what is leading this. 

Is Chinese communist party leaders on verge of a failure due to its economic policies. 


28th Nov 2020 | Vallum Capital 

Celebrating power of silence; Losing voicetaught me how to be patient and listen to others.

Are you surprise by the unique names of Start up; After a long they have started using normal names again. 

Must Read :  The new face of Modern Warfare and Lesson for India.

Chinese bond market has started making ripples across the world. What this means to all of us. 

A detail take on Gaming companies are gaining ground across the world. 

What Vallum Read this Week | 21st Nov 2020

7th Nov 2020 | Vallum Capital 

Someone was a good and competent leader, there would be a pretty good chance that their close relatives, like their children, who have 50 percent of their genes, would also be good leaders. Answering why we judge people based on their relative. 

Japan has highest number of old people relative to their population and unique way of staying healthy. 

Must Read :  The most important ratio in Investing is Sharpe Ratio not returns of a manager. How it rackels investors Brain 

Electric vechicle registration has exceeded Diesel vehicle registration in Europe for the first time. 

Understanding the sound of Sea and its importance in technological world.

Article on understanding why Banks are buying Bond and its importance. 

What Vallum Read this Week | 7th Nov 2020

7th Nov 2020 | Vallum Capital 

Food production is the single largest activity putting humans into competition with other species inhabiting the biosphere. For that reason, it is particularly destructive to produce food that will be wasted. Understanding Food. 

The research has demonstrated that the same factors that make older people susceptible to financial scam can make younger people also why ?— lower impulse control, slower cognitive function, higher rates of social isolation — also make them vulnerable to misinformation. 

Must Read :  Can too many brainy  people be a dangerous thing?

Providing a growing Older generation with a dignified and independent life means doing more with less – and governments and industry are looking to cutting-edge technology. 

Investors frequently make too heavy a commitment to the configuration of trends already discerned.

The coming Biofuel boom in the US and its implication for other countries