What Vallum read this week : 22nd Feb 2020

The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken. —Samuel Johnson In 1748 Johnson published an allegorical fable about the path to the Temple of Happiness titled “The Vision of Theodore” .
Vallum 2
Lesson; If we have a chance to become a great Investor in our Lifetime: Probability is low: This article explains the trait of super investors 
What do an elephant and ant brain have common which guides them? 
(Must Read) The law of Sexual selection, not Natural Selection explains Opulence in Nature and Society. This to me also explains why people buy SUVs when they can drive other smaller cars. 
Young Indian is taking the loan to fund their wedding. Is this necessary? Wedding expenses and its impact on Society.
Admitting the role of luck rather than talent in business of Investing.
Role of superstition in the stock market and for investors.

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