What Vallum Read this Week | 19th June 2021

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

What is common between Artists like painters, sculpture and others; They produce limited content and all of us Unlimited! 

In the digital age the text message is a contract.                                                                                      

Interesting notes by Google employees on what sticks a winning team                    

Life is Harder than it looks and what is successful to us may not be so                  

Must Read : Interview and Insight of Jared Diamonds on society and future.        

What Vallum Read this Week | 12th June 2021

12th June 2021 | Vallum Capital

Why you should do International Investing, leaving home bias. 

COVID has set Bicycle boom in Europe. 

RMB is progressing each day to become a Global currency. 

A new use of COCO Beans – Alternative Fuel. 

The progress in science suggests newer ways of working of Brain

What Vallum Read this Week | 5th June 2021

5th June 2021 Vallum Capital

China is keen on confrontation with TAIWAN. Economics behind it.

My favorite Sports Person : Abhinav Bhindra, what he is upto now. 

Working more than 54 hr a week is killing people across the world. 

Fear of Unknow – Why and How people respond to it.

Must Read : Globally, Food prices are tearing upwards. The real economics and reason behind it. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is influencing our understanding of beauty

What Vallum Read this Week | 29nd May 2021

29th May 2021 Vallum Capital

The China refinery capacity is going the flood world with value added products. 

Thinking v/s practicing long term investing is difficult

Religious unity is the only way to defeat pandemic today and in future. 

Must Read : The demise of the US dollar is inevitable in the next fifteen years. 

What can the experience smell tell us about the art and its quality. 

What Vallum Read this Week | 22nd May 2021

22nd May 2021 | Vallum Capital

Bitcoin is useless : Paul Krugman

The coming slowdown in spending in the rural India due to aftereffect of pandemic 

What makes Mother of grown up Adult Happy and Joyful ?

Must Read : why everyone is good at playing his own game; don’t compare in Investing. 

Why Dreaming is important for our health. 

What Vallum Read this Week | 15th May 2021

15th May 2021 | Vallum Capital

The genetic trick of living longest lived animals in the world 

Knowing the power of Intuition ; when and why to use ?

Must Read : Lesson of life in raising successful kids. 

The most powerful country; the US slips on life expectancy in comparison to other developed countries. 

Must Read : Strange patterns of Life; Fibonacci series guides beautiful things in life. 

What Vallum Read this Week | 8th May 2021

8th May 2021 | Vallum Capital

Are you perplexed why steel prices are going up ; Answer lies in fight between China and Australia. 

People are happiest in their life at Age of – Guess ?

Must Read : A practical guide to why the best things in life are all backwards

COVID 2nd wave Impact :: Fleeing of HNI and now likely ; Middle class from India. 

The battle of semiconductobetween China and the US. 

What Vallum Read this Week | 1st May 2021

1st May 2021 | Vallum Capital

Revisiting OODA Loop in the decision making: How fighter plane pilots make decisions. 

What other cultures can teach us about forgiveness 

A practical guide to impossible conversation and how to break it.

Why Smart people make bad decision and why it is hard to learn from our mistakes.

Must See: How COVID vaccine are made !

What Vallum Read this Week | 24th April 2021

24th April 2021 | Vallum Capital

Is NFT a new tulip mania in this world ?

Why getting to less means thinking more in life. 

How technology has revolutionizing the wildlife photography. 

The importance of Useless Knowledge in business some day some time.

Must Read : A decade of Investing Journey ; 2021 Stakeholder letter of Vallum Capital 

What Vallum Read this Week | 17th April 2021

17th April 2021 | Vallum Capital

Human brain need constant feedback for change. Understanding the Feedback theory.  

The real business model of Dating Apps; You will be surprise to read how profitable they are. 

The History and real story behind of the most symbol in the world : Swastika 

Understanding the power of Geothermal Energy; solution to the global warming and experience of Kenya in harnessing it. 

The mystery of Foreign Accent syndrome