What I Learned This Week Manish Bhandari | 6th Jan 2017

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What I Learned This Week
Manish Bhandari | 6th Jan 2017
Learnings of Healthcare business from Taiwan 
How china is enjoying mistakes of Trump 
 The Great Indian Marriage Bazzar and Sound around it is shaking 
 The gap between Mutual Fund Return and Investors Wealth explained 
My Favorite Topic :  Internationalization of Chinese Currency and its implication 
Is Methanol based car better option for India rather than to pay chinese battery manufacturers 
Flood of US Tourist for Medical Tourism 



Best of 2017 : What I Learned This Week Manish Bhandari | 16th December 2017

I have read many articles to gain insight from Interdisciplinary subjects and improve my thinking a tad. Some articles have left indelible impression on me  As we usher in Year 2018, before winding Year 2017, I am reproducing them for you.

Why sikh wear Turban and what it means 
This article taught me a wonderful lesson that everything in Life has a meaning : It is upto to us to be inquisitive and find the same.

The world is polarized between Sunni and Shia : Why makes both sects so different 

I was so immune to the historical fact between Sunni and Shia. This cleared my lot of doubts as well as set my thinking is this holy war worth the price humanity is paying. 
Artificial Intelligence in China in solving crime
This article opened my eyes on how technology can solve crime, at large. I wish Mumbai and each city of India can have this as soon as possible. 
The Greatest Trade Ever which catapult George Soros will always be remembered as Man who broke Bank of England 
A time piece in history how Soros thought thru the greatest trade and his ability to put a mega trade when you see limited downside. A rare mix of Politics and Economics in play.  
How Slaughterhouse causes Earthquake and increase crime in society.  
I was in complete disbelief when i thought about this at first, a life changing article the way, i see ecosystem around me, now.  Disjointed dots are joined in some parts of Universe.
My favorite Economics Author : World is going to witness further expansion : Don’t worry be Happy 
This article recently has left with me very positive note  about global economy.  
How Alexander the Great was able to defeat Mighty army of King of Persia 
I have come to a conclusion that World History is a biography of few great man who shaped the world. One of the most amazing Youtube video on Art of War and why Alexander the Great won against Mighty army of Persia.  


What I Learned This Week Manish Bhandari | 2nd December 2017

What I Learned This Week
Manish Bhandari | 2nd December 2017

The simple and plain story of Sandwich and how it is coming to dinner table 
India is witnessing reversal of what is happening in the US; Young taking up farming 

Dignity of News- BBC in 1930- V/s Breaking News of today 

Must Read : My fav Author : World is going to witness further expansion : Don’t worry be Happy 
All you wanted to know about history of Silk Road 
Accidental Inventions 
Love and Compassion by His Holi Dalai Lama 

What I Learned This Week: 25th Nov 2017

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What I Learned This Week
Manish Bhandari | 25th Nov 2017

Apple has applied for fold-able iPhone patent

Mate Selection process explained in philosophical process

Must Read: Take on what is happening between Iran and Saudi Arabia  

Politics and Investing don’t mix 

Are Equity analysts are most optimistic human; Mckinsey has an answer 

Another take on new found friendship of Saudi Arabia and Israel 

Millennial’s are Narcissist 

Growth Investing and its perils 

What I Learned This Week: 04th Nov 2017

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What I Learned This Week

Manish Bhandari | 04 Nov 2017

Power of compounding small decision

Do we value our time: Why now 

One should fear Natural Stupidity rather Artificial intelligence 

If this is State of Accounting in Australia you can imagine what must be happening in India

Story of Colors which I never knew

I have been wrong on this Assessment for some time now: Chinese Capital Account mystery if devaluation of currency can happen


What I Learned this week : 21st October 2017

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What I Learned This Week
Manish Bhandari | 21st Oct 2017

Has Indian Schooling and Parenting destroyed the self worth of children 
Any year, Opioids Kills more American than terrorist attack ; the family which owns the pain medication

Some firms do much better than others : factors which leads to this are not just Software 

position of various countries and if they will be able to repay when needed 
A Scientist Attempt to grow Human organs in pig 

Diamonds in Labs and its impact 

As experts start giving prediction about Indian Markets : Relevance of Market mood in prediction return. 

What I Learned This Week: 14th Oct. 2017

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What I Learned This Week

Manish Bhandari | 14th Oct. 2017

This interesting chart explains why India is a low moat country and we need to struggle a lot

Dolby sound of financing news: Are we in a home theater of economy

Real take on BJP when they say there is no alternative

Is serious reading dead

A walk thru nature; Trees heal people

Very interesting take on how to keep a low profile in a country which has high income disparity

I missed this in the initial part of my career and paid a huge price: The Art of taking Notes