What I Learned This Week: 16th Sept 2017

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What I Learned This Week

Manish Bhandari | 16th Sept 2017

Many of you may not agree with this: Boy V/s Girls who are close to parents 

I have personally benefited by writing : Interesting article on benefit of writing   regularly   

Audacious attempt by CM on making mumbai a cycling city 

Analysis of Infidelity and why happy people look for another partner 

Tribute to Richard Fayman by Bill Gates ; The best teacher i never had

Masala for Dollar Bear : A detail Presentation 

A very good commencement speech on Artificial Intelligence 



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Manish Bhandari | 09th Sept 2017

Is India still struggling with Textile Exports : Welcome entry of robots by China at US for US Textile consumers

Networking does not matter any more 

Investing is an evolving trade 

Understanding the American Dream ? Do you still hold one 

Government should unleash Rent an affordable housing program 

Walk thru journey of Alexa : Your talking assistant 

What I Learned This Week : 26th August 2017

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What I Learned This Week

Manish Bhandari | 26th August 2017

Must Read : You need to survive many risk and its outcome before becoming successful.  

A take by Modern day Sun Tzu, art of war and how technology is changing military might  of nations. 

Interesting run down on tax evasion by movie Industry  

What constitute a Moat, in business and how to keep that in mind. 

How China is looking inward for its own cultural renaissance. A must learn lesson for India 

Why marriages are falling in India; are we expecting too much from one person 

What I Learned This Week: 19th August 2017

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What I Learned This Week

Manish Bhandari | 19th August 2017

One of the most exhaustive analysis of butterfly effect : How small changes causes big impact

Norway is leading way in E Vehicle, a success story  

The mysterious case of missing billionaire ; His final quest for peace in life

Have you learned something; how do we measure 

As a keen observer of China, I am worried man : China Export 1000 drones a day while India do not produce even one 

The demise of Dollar ? Will this be the biggest trade of century

What I Learned This Week Manish Bhandari | 12th August 2017

What I Learned This Week

Manish Bhandari | 12th August 2017

Science behind attracting mates

Interesting Analysis of Coffee shop and high rents of a place 

Opioid Capital of the world; curious problem of the US consumers

Did you ever knew meaning behind famous logos 

Is this the real reason behind beef ban in India 

Habits of Highly successful people in the World : Compounding of       Time

Interesting Read: What I learned this week 5th August 2017

What I Learned This Week

Manish Bhandari | 5th August 2017

Real Story of Baba Ramdev; 

Lets not get get fooled by Nationalism when it comes to china; 

They have Unparallel Technological advantage 

Turning Nursery Rhymes into million dollar business 

Lets look at Made in China 2025, we will forget Made in India 

Why Germany beats others in Manufacturing excellence; Hidden champion are generating middle class manufacturing jobs 

Interesting Analysis on death of Oil